Specialist Neurology Services

Specialists on College is a modern and efficient Neurology practice. As a group practice of Neurologists with similar interests, we are able to provide high quality clinical care to all our patients with continuity of care and early assessment of urgent problems.

We are known for our quality service and believe in customer satisfaction.

We are a group of individuals who have genuine concern for your wellbeing and are proud of the fact many new patients are referred to us for this reason. We are completely dedicated to providing you with clinical excellence.

Our Services

We provide consultations for assessment, diagnosis and management of neurological disorders as well as Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) and Electromyography (EMG) tests, plus neurotoxin injectable therapy.

Already have a referral?

If you have already received a referral from your doctor to see one of our specialists, please click here to upload your referral. Alternatively ask your doctor to fax or email the referral through to us. Then our specialists will look at it and triage the referral for urgency. We will be in touch as soon as this has been done to book in your appointment (usually takes about a week).

If you are needing an NCS or EMG, your referral doesn’t need to be received or looked at by the specialists to triage it for urgency before an appointment can be made. So if you have received a referral you can call to book in your appointment today.